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Dating Agency Cyrano Review

Review: Dating Agency Cyrano

The Short Verdict:

Dating Agency Cyrano, a light-hearted, fun show that’s simple to enjoy and humorous, is great for those moments when you want to just have a fun and a little snark.

Although plot logic can be difficult to believe however, there are plenty of positive points to make this show enjoyable.

The overarching story and the individual cases that occur every day’s activities are not enough. It was the characters and their enthusiasm that wormed their way into mine, then resonated with and stayed with me.

While it’s not the most exciting of experiences, it offers plenty of fun.


To be honest, this drama had been languishing on my watch list for a long time, mainly because dramaland kept rolling out newer and shinier dramas, and also partly because I knew that Gong Yoo’s cameo in it is super blink-and-you-miss-it brief.

This is why my newfound love towards Hong Jong Hyun has encouraged me to look at this show.

This was a fun show to watch, despite its flaws.


To be clear I’ll outline the most important points of contention that I had about this drama. Although they weren’t huge however, they did impact the show negatively.

1. The truthfulness and credibility

To be able to enjoy the show, there are a few hurdles you have to get over.. This show makes viewers be able to suspend their disbelief over the complicated dating setups, flawless timing of situations beyond their control and also the motivations of their characters.

It’s useful to imagine it as a manhwa-esque type of world.

2. The pace of the game isn’t consistent. another issue. It is difficult to maintain a balance between the Case of the Day story and the story that is told by the characters. In addition, certain cases drag on for too long or don’t have the same enthralling quality than other cases.

3. Contrived plot devices

Sometimes,..are used. The biggest offenders is the kidnapping plot towards the final. It’s not very clear narrative sense , but it pushes our OTP together.

4. Uneven action

It’s difficult to find an unifying tone in an ensemble cast. This ensemble cast is proof of this.


1. This is a major revelation for Sooyoung.

Gong Min Young was warm, warm, and genuine. She was a shining shine in this show. She handled the most emotional scenes with as much agility as the sunny and cheerful scenes and I was amazed.

I’m not a huge fan of Kpop. I didn’t know she was an idol actress until I stumbled across it. Sooyoung has a lot of potential to be an actress, I believe.

2. Lee Jong Hyuk is excellent in his role as Seo Byung Hoon (the owner of Agency Cyrano). He has some very good flashes that give depth and nuance to his character . They help balance the grumpy.

3. Lee Chun Hee is an amazing character in the role of the mysterious Master next to him. Master was only given very little screen time however Lee Chun Hee made each scene count.

With his minor facial shifts, Master was able to see depth and dimension. It was enjoyable to observe his face.

Lee Chun Hee is a fantastic actor, and I love him in every role I’ve seen. It’s not an accident that he’s also an eye-catcher I swear!

4. Cameos

Show isn’t stingy in regards to them due to the setup. A lot of the cameos are particularly entertaining to me. This is a short shout-out for some of my personal favorites.

It was quite entertaining to watch Ji Jin Hee play the character of a dorky lostr and Lee Yoon Ji play the role of an irritable librarian. Lee Kwang Soo played the role as an eccentric cook. Of course there’s Gong Yoo, for whom I have an enduring fangirl affectionate.

5. Hong Jong Hyun has the beautiful broody looks.

Hong Jong Hyun is a stiff actor in the character. There is room for him, however to have been more Moo Jin. I was of the opinion that he was too rigid in some instances, despite the fact Moo Jin is supposed not to be a woody character.

However, Hong Jong Hyun fulfilled the desire for a the mysterious, robotic, hot hacker guy pretty well. I was awed by the way he only had to speak just a handful of times in Episode 1. I also found his loveline to Ha Yun Joo to be adorable.


Although some viewers might be able to see Min Young and ByungHoon’s age gap (reel and real) to be too large, I found myself actually enjoying their relationship.

The romance isn’t brought into the center of the story and is a testament to the production. The show is focused on the cases of each day and the mystery surrounding Master’s and Byung Hoon’s backstories.

The romance is slowly introduced as Min Young, Byung Hoon and their feelings for each other develop gradually. They are also struggling with these feelings.

I felt that the romantic relationship was real and plausible in this regard. When our characters reached that point, I was also capable of sharing those love feelings with them.

By the end of the series I was fully in love with the OTP, and found the kiss Byung Hoon placed on Min Young in the final scene of the drama, pretty swoony indeed.


To be truthful, I wasn’t fully invested in Byung Hoon’s and Master’s stories and the stories that were associated with their backstories. The interest I had in the stories of the day was varied. I liked certain arcs more than others.

It was the characters, with their distinct personalities and quirks, that kept me entertained enough to stay with them until the very end.


Light and gentle with a touch of heart despite its imperfections.

Final Grade: B



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